Google Summer of Code 2021

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At the time of writing this post, I have just finished my Master’s thesis in Taminiau Lab under the supervision of C. E. Bradley and T. H. Taminiau. It has been a tough year due to the global pandemic and I would like to thank Taminau’s group for all the support during the project. I have learned a lot from you!!

Now, I am ready for my next challenge: Google Summer of Code (GSoC). During the summer of 2021 I will be participating in the GSoC working on one of the projects sponsored by numFOCUS. In particular, I will be contributing to QuTiP, a python package for simulating open quantum systems. My goal will be to implement a TensorFlow data backend for QuTiP. Adapting QuTiP to use TensorFlow’s tensors will allow QuTiP to benefit from features such as auto differentiation and operating in a GPU.

The goal is to extend QuTiP’s capabilities without compromising its simplicity. For that, I believe it is necessary to include benchmarks that guide the user to choose when it is worth using qutip-tensorflow. During the first week, I will design a set of benchmarks that can be used in the near future to compare the different data layers in QuTiP and qutip-tensorflow. I will focus first on comparing the already existing two data layers in QuTiP, dense and CSR. Then, I will use these benchmarks to test and compare the TensorFlow data layer that I will implement.

If you found this post interesting stay tuned for the next posts and take a look at my proposal for the GSoC.

Asier Galicia Martínez
Asier Galicia Martínez
Master student at TU Delft