GSoC 2021 final blog post

In this blog post I will summarize my contributions during the GSoC 2021.

TensorFlow Data Layer.

In this post I will update the progress in creating a QuTiP data type that is backed by TensorFlow's Tensors.

qutip-tensorflow working example

In this post I show how qutip-tensorflow can benefit from TensorFlow's auto-differentiation features to optimize an operation in a qubit.

Benchmarking - results (2/2)

In this post I will show the results of the benchmarks performed to compare the python packages NumPy, SciPy, QuTiP and TensorFlow when performing basic linear algebra operations.

Benchmarking - motivation and tools (1/2)

During this post I will introduce the benchmark tools that I will be using for the project.

Google Summer of Code 2021

Introducing my project for the GSoC 2021.